By Damien Cabezas, CEO

Our system of care is changing. When it comes to being reimbursed, we are going from a fee for service to a value based system. Our clients must show overall improvement in their health. That being said, we’ve always been focused on the continuing care and well being of our clients. But the word “chronic” doesn’t automatically mean that the word “improvement” is not possible. This is where the Horizon CEO Challenge comes into play. 

In the public health community, over the past few years, there has been a lot of discussion around the phrase “social determinants of health.”  These can be the greatest predictors of health over a person’s lifetime. As Horizon embarks on the CEO Challenge for health and wellness, it is important for us to keep these social determinants at the top of our mind.

Some of these determinants include where you are born, grow up, live, work and, lastly, your age. The vast majority of these determinants are shaped by economics, social policies and politics. We recognize that changes in these “determinants” is tough and not something that Horizon is readily capable of doing. But we can influence, encourage and support the healthy habits of everyone we touch. The concept of Horizon’s CEO Challenge is to create an environment that encourages healthy choices, making a ripple in the world of health that could eventually create a wave of change. 

Over the next few months we will lay out the different and exciting initiatives involved in this challenge. We know that all of you will enjoy them! The Wellness Committee is leading the charge that I have set fourth. If you are interested in getting more actively involved, please contact Januwaa.Davis@horizonbh.org.