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First Friday - Lunch and Learns

Monthly Wellness Workshops

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm at OFR


July 13

** This is not the First Friday of the Month due to the 4th of July Holiday

Title: Horizon’s Exclusive Tell All

Presenter: Horizon Employees

Description:  As Horizon kicks off “First Friday Lunch and Learns” we would like to start by hearing from you! Three Horizon employees will lead the discussion by sharing their tips and secrets to their successful life style change! We encourage all staff to come, share, learn and motivate each other to begin and/or continue their journey to looking and feeling good.  Join us and hear real Horizon stories.


August 3

Title: The Art of Aging

Presenter: Betty Brickhouse, Central Virginia Alliance for Community Living

Description: Do you have a vision of what your later years will look like?  Perhaps, you see yourself traveling, playing with grandchildren, or simply enjoying a happy, healthy life in your community.  Making plans and decisions today will help you better prepare to achieve goals in your lifelong journey.  This workshop will help you think about your future well-being to help you make the most of later life.  It will also examine tips for maintaining your health and wellness while caring for your parents and children, commonly referred to as the “sandwich generation”.


September 7

Title: Clear the Smoke, Get the Facts

Presenter:  Gina Roberts, Virginia Department of Health

Description: This workshop will help participants thoroughly examine the social and health consequences of cigarettes vs. vaping.  In addition, participants will gain awareness of strategies manufacturers and sellers employ to increase use, such as deceptive and creative marketing strategies. There will also be discussion about the risk associated with second hand exposure to both forms of nicotine delivery.


October 5  

Title: Show You Care and Be Aware

Presenter: Kara Lamb, Pearson Cancer Center

Description:  Breast cancer is the most common cancer and the second most common cause of cancer deaths in the United States.  This event will raise awareness of risk factors and benefits of early detection.  It will also be an opportunity to honor all women who are fighting, have won the fight and are in our memories. Please come learn, listen and share your stories.


November 2

Title: Diabetes: Don’t Sugar Coat It

Presenter: Juanita Daughtery, Centra Health

Description:  Participants will gain general knowledge and awareness about the disease of diabetes.  Participants will be learn helpful tips on how to prevent the disease and how to best manage their diabetes if they are living with it.  We will examine how the Baby Boomer population has caused an increase in diabetes rates and how to reverse the impact of future generations.   


December 7

Title: Send the Grinch Packing

Presenter: Januwaa Davis, Horizon Behavioral Health

Description:  The holidays are typically a time of festive parties, great food, gift giving and spending time with loved ones. However, the holidays can sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed and out of control.  Participants will learn ways to stay happy and healthy throughout the busy holiday season.


January 4

Title: How Fit Are Your Finances

Presenter: Don Connors, Independence Planning Group

Description: Participants will learn how to get and keep their finances in great shape. Those in attendance will gain wisdom in using and maintaining credit, bouncing back from financial difficulties, budgeting, goal setting and planning for their financial future.


February 1

Title: You Don’t Need a Guilt Trip

Presenter: Ashley Ege, American Heart Association

Description:  Participants will better understand why heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Participants will learn more about the dangers of heart disease and get on track to better heart health using four simple tools. Healthy for Good is a revolutionary movement that will inspire participants to create lasting change in your health and your life, one small step at a time.


March 1

Title: The New Tradition is Good Nutrition

Presenter: Jeanell Smith, Virginia Cooperative Extension’s Family Nutrition Program

Description: Let’s face it, eating healthy doesn’t seem to be in our budget, but what if you learned that eating healthy doesn’t have to cost more? This workshop will help participants learn how to eat healthy on a budget, while also learning tips and tricks to make healthy eating more convenient. The foods we eat impact our entire well-being.  It’s not about the weight you lose, but the new life you gain!


April 5

Title: EUSTRESS, DISTRESS, WE ALL STRESS: Learning ways to make stress work for you.

Presenter: Bob Conlon, All Points EAP

Description:  Participants will learn how to recognize their personal signs of stress, benefits of stress and how to manage it all in healthy ways.  In addition, participants will examine the correlation between di-stress, di-sease and chronic health conditions.


May 3

Title: Today’s Actions are Tomorrow’s Results

Presenter:  YMCA of Central Virginia

Description:  This might be the first, tenth, or the fiftieth time you’ve tried to lose weight and get healthy. Maybe, things didn’t work last time, or the time before that …”but things are going to be different THIS time,” right? From fitting workouts into a hectic schedule to breaking through plateaus, reaching and maintaining physical fitness isn’t always easy.  This workshop will teach simple, effective fitness strategies that will help take the angst out of the equation and give you a healthier, happier life.


June 7

Title: Take action, stay proactive, and be aware!

Presenter: Emmanuel Buabeng, Horizon Behavioral Health

Description: June is National Men’s Health Month! This workshop is designed for men that want to improve their long term health outcomes and for the women that love them.   Participants will become more aware and passionate about preventing men’s health problems, encouraging early detection and treatment of disease, developing proper exercise routines and healthy eating habits.