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Horizon Opportunities, Inc.

Horizon OpportunitiesHorizon Opportunities, Inc. is the fundraising arm for Horizon Behavioral Health. 

All money raised goes to:

  • Care for those who can't afford it
  • Trips for children with severe emotional issues
  • Upkeep and maintenance of our facilities
  • Support for students and parents identified as "at risk"


Horizon Opportunities is a 501 (c)(3)


We would like to thank our generous individual and corporate donors for giving back to our community.  We would not have accomplished so much in 2015 without your generosity and support:

INDIVIDUAL DONORS Ms. Linda Fontaine Mr. Mack Page
Ms. Jeri Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Fontana Mr. Tim Paul
Mr. Gary Barkman Dr. and Mrs. James Forrester Ms. Grace Petty
Ms. Ramona Battle Ms. J. Lynne Forrester Dr. Lisa Pleszkoch
Ms. Julia P. Bond Ms. Juliana Frosh Mr. and Mrs. Tony Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Bondurant Ms. Brenda Glass  Ms. Ida Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Boswell    Mr. Daniel Gonzalez  Mr. J.R. Pugh
Mrs. Dianne Bradley Mr. Richard Guill  Ms. Kellie Quintana
Mr. Russell Braswell Ms. Lisa Hiabach  Mr. and Mrs. Keith Quintero-Hunter
Ms. Claire Brown Ms. Crystal Halfkenny Ms. Rita Reilly
Ms. Sandy Bryant Ms. Judy Hedrick  Mr. Patrick Reza
Mrs. Irma Cabezas Mr. and Mrs. Jess Herbers  Dr. Mort Sajadian
Mr. and Mrs. Damien Cabezas Ms. Gerrie Hodge  Ms. Matilda Scott
Ms. Brenda Cafazza Ms. Rosa L. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Jason Shoemaker 
Ms. Lindy Cash Ms. Debra Jefferson  Mr. James Sikkema
Ms. Ignacia Casorzo-Covington Mr. and Mrs. Parker Jennings  Ms. Anne Simmones
Ms. Nicole Chalmers Mr. Kelvin Johnson Ms. Lucy Slagle
Ms. Marilyn Chao Ms. Sandy Kanehl  Col. and Mrs. Parks Snead
Mr. Clyde Cark Ms. Mandy Lacy Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sova
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Lawson Mr. and Mrs. Gary Straw
Dr. Patti Croft Ms. Rose Lee Mr. and Mrs. Ted Stryker
Patricia Daly Mr. Abe Loper Ms. Tracey Stump
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Davidson Mr. and Mrs. Barrett Lucy  Ms. Carolyn Swanberg
Ms. Roberta Dawson Mrs. Elizabeth Ludeman-Hopkins    Ms. Kimberly Tarazona
Ms. Tracy DeShields Mr. Gary Marple  Ms. Gail Templeton
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Doucette Ms. Theresa McCaskill  Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Thomas
Ms. Jennie Dyke Mr. Andre McDaniel  Ms. Rhonda Turner
Mr. and Mrs. James Eadie Mr. Robert Merryman  Ms. Treney Tweedy
Ms. Janice Erickson Ms. MeLea Moore  Mr. Robert Viohl
Mr. and Mrs. David Farmer Mr. Henry Mukhuna  Ms. Sherri Walker-Thacker
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Farmer Ms. Hana Narea  Mr. Jamie Wilkins
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Farmer Mr. James O'Brian  Ms. Laura Wise
Ms. Irma Fernandez Ms. Toni Overstreet  Ms. Priscilla Woody
Ms. Deborah Fletcher Ms. Leslie Ozz  


CORPORATE DONORS Michael's Carpet World
AREVA, Inc. Party City - Store #5522
Brown, Edwards & Company, LLP Point Source Audio
Centra Health Republic Services
Christian & Barton, LLP Sonny Merryman Inc.
Credible Behavioral Health Village Print Shop
Digital Benefit Advisors Y-Express
Healthcare Administrative Services Hurt & Proffitt, Inc.
Katie's Place for People Walmart
Kia of Lynchburg Target
Marathon Consulting, LLC