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Dai'Dieon Colmore

Dai’Dieon Colmore is a fifth grade student at TC Miller Elementary and gave a keynote address at this year’s Therapeutic Day Treatment Graduation.  Horizon’s Therapeutic Day Treatment Program provides services to children who have severe behavioral issues in the school setting.  This type of treatment increases attendance rate and performance by students.   Below is a transcript of Dai’Dieon’s touching keynote address.


Day Treatment helped me understand that I should do better so I don’t get in trouble, it taught me to think before I act, be respectful, work hard, solve my problems, and communicate with others.  Without day treatment my life at school would have been harder and bad and I would have ended up at an alternative school.

I want to tell other kids to be themselves and not act like other kids because if you are yourself then you’ll have more friends but if you don’t you won’t have friends because when you misbehave people don’t want to be around you and when you behave people want to be around you.

I’m proud of all the students who are graduating day treatment and I’m thankful for all the people who helped get me here. And those people are most of all my mom, Mrs. Ignacia, Mrs. Emily, Ms. Taneesha, Mrs. Jamie, Mrs. Melissa, Mr. Jerry, Mrs. Kellie, Dr. Huskin, Mrs. Hudson, all of my teachers, my friends Jeremiah and Lareon-who are also graduating today- Mr. Chris, Dr. Murthy, Mrs. Mary and Ms. Susan.

Parents, this is a great program so recommend it to others.

Thank you. D