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Persistence and Purpose

Adam Isley's Success

Adam Isley (1)Adam Isley is preparing for his graduation day, a day he never thought would come.  This May he will graduate from Old Dominion Job Corps with his Plumbing Associates Degree.  He has always been very good with his hands.  He just wasn’t sure what to do with them until now.  He says he owes his new life to Horizon’s Hudson House.

Horizon’s Hudson House is a day support recovery center for adults with severe mental illness.  Seven years ago, Adam walked through the doors of the house an angry man.  “I was rude, inappropriate and cussed any time I felt like it,” said Adam.  “This was NOT what I wanted to do.”  So he resigned himself to not participate in any of the daily activities.  But the staff at Hudson House resigned themselves to make him participate.  And the persistence of staff paid off.  “No one let me just sit and do nothing, that is how I grew,” said Adam.  Staff helped Adam realize that he had gifts to offer the world, and showed him how they could be used constructively at the house.  Soon Adam had his hands in just about everything the house had to offer.  In fact, he was first to sign up for field trips and conferences.  Adam remembers them fondly - “You had to prove you could go because you knew how to present in public.  You had to show you could be appropriate while on the trip to be able to go again.  You saw things that you never would have seen without this opportunity.”

Opportunity is what led Adam to leave the program.  He enrolled in trade school with the encouragement to continue his treatment.  He only has one regret.  “I wish I would have known Horizon when I was 8.  I could have been on the right path through the years.”  Today, he is a certified plumber, looking for his perfect job – a path that will lead to many great years ahead.