A Letter from Our CEO

Dear Esteemed Community Partners and Supporters,

Welcome to our website.

Thank you for a year of impressive outcomes made possible by a talented and caring Horizon team, an active Board of Directors, and your support of our mission. Together, we experience lives and communities transformed, and dreams becoming a reality for children and adults. 

We have laid the foundation for something greater. The movement towards holistic, person-centered care begins with us. We are creating a culture that will lead to extraordinary transformation and refinement of Horizon from within. It will allow us to deliver on our mission and expand the reach of impact in the communities we serve. We’re very excited about the outlook of opportunities ahead.

In the end, it’s always been about the people; the courageous consumers we serve, our supporters, and our community partners. Having the privilege to represent this great organization with its compassionate and talented team, and an active Board of Directors makes it easier to face the future. The fact that I’m able to represent people who are saving lives, curing people, keeping them well, and in the community; it doesn’t get any better than that.

With every best wish and kind regard,

Damien Cabezas, CEO, Horizon Behavioral Health and Board President of Horizon Opportunities, Inc. 

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