Developmental -and -intellectual -disability


Intellectual Disability (ID) is characterized by below-average intelligence or mental ability along with a lack of skills necessary for day-to-day independent living. Developmental Disability (DD) has many of the same characteristics but also includes physical disabilities. Some developmental disabilities may only be physical while others involve both physical and mental handicaps along with learning disabilities.


Intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities usually appear before adulthood and are sometimes caused by illnesses like autism or cerebral palsy. Conversely, it can be caused by lack of stimulation and adult responsiveness. Genetic conditions like Down syndrome and Fragile X syndrome are also causes.  

Signs & Symptoms

The symptoms of intellectual disability and developmental disability vary tremendously depending on the cause. There are a few common factors that can determine if a person is living with ID/DD. These are:

  • An IQ between 70-75 or below
  • Significant limitations in the ability to carry on everyday life activities (socializing, communicating and bathing)
  • An onset of intellectual disability or developmental disability before 18 years old

Who is at Risk?

Studies show that 1% to 3% of Americans have intellectual learning disabilities. There are many reasons a person can develop an intellectual disability. Factors include physical, genetic and/ or social issues. 


  • Case Management: This involves a clinician who helps a person living with intellectual disabilities and/or developmental disabilities get benefits and supports including long-term care, healthcare and daily needs.
  • Family support
  • Vocational programs
  • Day programs
  • Residential options
  • Early intervention
  • Special education
  • Transition services

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