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OutpatientImproving your quality of life is the ultimate goal. In many cases we can help you do that through our outpatient services. Outpatient therapy is provided to address a wide array of behavioral and emotional concerns that individuals experience. Depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, substance use disorders, and attention deficit disorder are just a few of the many issues we treat on an outpatient basis. We offer a broad range of programming, and specialized clinical staff to meet the needs of our clients. Individual, family and group therapies are provided at Horizon’s Wellness Centers.

As part of Horizon’s effort to integrate primary care with behavioral health care in our surrounding communities, psychiatric consultations and/or clinical services are being provided by the following offices:

  • Blue Ridge Medical Center

  • Lynchburg Family Medicine

  • Neurodevelopment Clinic

  • Richeson Drive Pediatrics

  • Village Family Practice

  • Centra Newborn Intensive Care Unit

  • Forest Women’s Clinic

Criteria for Admission: Individuals and families that have been assessed and identified as having behavioral health needs are eligible. Typically a primary care physician or a doctor in a specialty clinic makes a direct referral.
Individual and family therapy addresses a wide range of mental health and substance use concerns. We offer specialized treatment based on individual client needs. We have experts in trauma, substance use disorders, depression, anxiety, ADHD, treatment of sexual offenders, and many other problems individuals and families encounter in their life.

Criteria for Admission: Individuals must meet criteria based on the need for substance use disorder or mental health treatment. Guidelines are defined by Medicaid and private insurance companies.
Mental Health Groups are offered based on consumer needs. Some of the groups include anger management, domestic violence or abuse, and depression.

Chemical dependency/ use groups are provided to individuals who can benefit from working through their recovery in a group setting. We have Certified Substance Abuse Counselors and Licensed Counselors who help create a treatment plan.

Project Link is a specialized substance use group for pregnant and post-partum women or women with small children. The program lasts for 12 weeks. Transportation and child care assistance are available on an individual basis.

Criteria for Admission: Individuals must have a mental illness that has been diagnosed by a professional, and meet the criteria defined by Medicaid or other private insurance companies.
Horizon provides court ordered assessments and ongoing mental health and substance use treatment to youth who are referred by the Juvenile Justice System.

Criteria for Admission: Clients must be referred for service by the Juvenile Justice System.
Horizon provides the court ordered evaluation of a youth’s ability to understand and participate in their defense during a trial. If found incompetent, court ordered education is required to restore youth to competence. Outreach from Horizon’s Wellness Center on Langhorne Road is available.

Criteria for Admission: The court must order an evaluation and education for a youth that has been charged with a crime.
This is an intensive treatment program for youth who have been found guilty of a sexual offense. It includes a combination of education, individual, group and family therapy. Depending on the specific needs of the youth, treatment may take between one to two years.

Criteria for Admission: The youth must be adjudicated of a sexual offense and ordered to treatment by the court system.
Psychosocial rehabilitation gives Horizon clients with severe mental illness a chance to learn and retain living and social skills, making it easier for them to live in the community. By developing healthy relationships and a peer support system, our clients are given the confidence they need for mental health recovery and to tackle life.

Criteria for Admission: Must be 21 or over and meet the criteria as determined by Virginia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services. An assessment must be done before a person can be considered for this service.
Horizon’s Prevention programs work to promote healthy life choices for youth by teaching them the skills they need to be happy, healthy adults. Youth who participate in our programs are more resilient and better able to turn away from social pressures that promote bullying, violence or the use of substances.

Our programs are effective. They have been thoroughly researched and tested and we see their impact every day. Youth in our programs make better life choices and encourage their friends and family to do so as well.

Horizon Prevention programs are offered across the region in a variety of settings in and out of the school environment. Community-based programs provide education to parents, teachers, coaches, and anyone else who works with youth. This helps to create a community that is well informed about the challenges our youth are facing.

Criteria for Admission: Programs are provided in the community and in specific schools based on school partnerships.
We know that caregivers of young children with severe behavioral problems often need more intense support than office based treatment. This program is provided in the home for children and their families to develop and implement a plan to address behavioral problems. While in the child’s home, clinicians develop strategies for managing behavior. Services with Horizon can continue after the age of six in an outpatient setting and may include play therapy or other therapeutic interventions to maintain the progress made.

Criteria for Admission: The child must be assessed using Early Periodic, Diagnostic, Screening and Treatment criteria and be pre-approved for service based on medical need.
Medical Detox is the intervention and treatment of substance use under the close supervision of a psychiatrist. Routine taper regiments are established by Horizon and many times include prescribed medications. Each person obtains a thorough health and physical exam upon admission. People admitted into our care are commonly treated for dependency on alcohol, opiates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana.

When the detoxification process is complete, clients are referred to an appropriate level of chemical dependency treatment and are assisted with access to that treatment. Clients are referred to and assisted with access to other community services as needed to support the ongoing rehabilitation process.

Criteria for Admission: Clients must have a primary substance abuse/dependency diagnosis. They must be intoxicated, displaying signs/symptoms of withdrawal or have a substance use history which indicates that withdrawal is imminent.
Crisis Stabilization provides crisis intervention and stabilization services in a safe, structured, and healthy environment for up to 15 days. The primary objective of the program is to avert hospitalization, re-hospitalization, or homelessness. Services provided include short-term individual and group counseling as well as medication management. There is also a strong focus on creating a longer-term plan that uses other Horizon services, community resources and other support systems in order to rehabilitate and maintain the health of the client.

Criteria for Admission: All clients must be 18 or older and demonstrate a clinical need for crisis stabilization services due to an acute psychiatric crisis that places them at risk for psychiatric hospitalization. A client must have a diagnosed primary mental health disorder, which may be accompanied by a substance-use disorder.
Mental Health Skill Building
Independence and stability are the main goals of mental health skill building supports. Through this program, people living with a severe mental illness learn skills to maintain their health and safety in the community. Horizon’s experts provide information on community resources and assistance with medication management so that each client can enjoy independence in the least restrictive environment.

Criteria for Admission: The individual must be 21 or over and meet the criteria as determined by Virginia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services. An assessment must be done before a person can be considered for this service.
Known in many professional circles as multidimensional treatment foster care (MTFC), Horizon’s sponsored residential placements provide a high level of structure, supervision and support to children and adolescents who have been placed out of their homes.

Specially trained “professional parents” take our clients into their homes for six to nine months. The goal is to eventually reunite each client with his family or guardian. Horizon’s program combines the work of the professional parent with a team of clinicians to identify and teach new skills to each child. The goal is for them to be more cooperative and successful in the home.

Family therapy is also a focus of treatment. Each case has an assigned family therapist who works to teach the family how they can better support and encourage the client’s positive behavior.

Criteria for Admission: When a clinician determines that a child’s behavior can no longer be maintained in the home, this service can be recommend. It can also be used as a step-down placement from a residential psychiatric facility in order to ensure family reunification and stability.

The reasons leading to out of home placement are many, but might include:

  • School problems

  • Defiance

  • Substance use

  • Delinquency

  • Legal involvement

  • Challenges related to significant anxiety or depression
PACT was designed to help clients recover from severe episodes of mental health crisis. Within this program Horizon provides an array of services that help clients remain stable and live independently in the community.

Clients are referred to PACT by Horizon’s Access team or a case manager. Other clients join PACT while transitioning from state hospitals or jails.

The PACT program provides an array of intensive services that are highly individualized. The Horizon team works in collaboration with medical providers to ensure each client gets the physical and mental care they need to live a healthy and productive life. Services provided include:

  • Assistance with activities of daily living

  • Medication management

  • Linkage to community resources

Criteria for Admission: The person must be at high risk for psychiatric hospitalization or for becoming or remaining homeless due to mental illness. The client might also require intervention by the mental health or criminal justice system due to inappropriate social behavior. In addition, a client in need of PACT services will have a history (three months or more) of a need for intensive mental health treatment or treatment for co-occurring disorders (serious mental illness and substance abuse) and is resistant to seeking out and utilizing appropriate treatment options.