I’m very pleased to report that Horizon hosted two events with insurance carriers this summer, and the results were wonderful. Relationship building, resolving simple problems, and agreeing to share data were just some of the results. Why do we feel this is a good long-term strategy? Over time, the questions about how behavioral health organizations and CSBs will work with payer organizations will take on a greater importance as we transition from a fee-for-service model to value-based care.

This partnership needs to start by identifying the big challenges payer organizations face, and then considering how behavioral health organizations can deliver services that will meet these needs.  In our current market, payer organizations are struggling with rising costs, high readmission rates, and complex consumers with comorbid medical conditions and social support needs. When approaching a health plan, it is essential for Horizon to keep those factors in mind and be prepared to discuss how we help to address those challenges.

Responding to the challenges above will also be the difference between investing in treatment solutions payers don’t want and need or being part of the solution to fill gaps in systems of care, reduce costs, and deliver the kind of performance that can reward consumers, behavioral health organizations, and payer organizations.

Horizon looks forward to collaborating with community partners and payer organizations in order to develop mutual goals and focus on such things like making access to care convenient, overcoming social determinants of health, emphasizing holistic care, and increasing consumer engagement.

With every best wish and kind regards,


Damien Cabezas, CEO

Horizon Behavioral Health