Health Information Management (HIM) staff at Horizon Behavioral Health are committed to the confidentiality, privacy and quality of the health information of individuals we serve. Health Information includes managing the appropriate access and release of medical records in the possession of Horizon, in accordance with state and federal laws.

Heath Information staff are also responsible for responding to requests for medical records from clients, legal guardians, parents and other authorized individuals. 

An individual or their authorized representative (such as a parent or guardian) who requests a copy of his own medical record will be asked to complete an Access to Records Request form. Click to obtain a copy of the Horizon Access to Records form.

In certain cases, an individual will request that another person or entity receive copies of their medical record. In this case, the individual must complete and sign an Authorization to Disclose Health Information. Click to obtain a copy of the Horizon Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information form.

Please contact the Health Information staff at the below number for assistance in filling out the appropriate form when requesting medical records.  

Proof of your identity, and/or your status as a legal representative of the individual whose records you are requesting will be required. 

All requests for Health Information/Medical Records, including subpoenas should be submitted to:

Horizon Behavioral Health
Health Information Management Department
2215 Langhorne Road
Lynchburg, VA 24501
Phone: 434-948-4883
Fax:     434-846-0427

  • All requests for medical records as well as a Subpoena Duces Tecum or Court Order should be submitted to the above address.
  • By Virginia regulations, Health Information is allowed up to 15 business days to process the request.
  • If you request medical records, a standard fee for processing your request may apply.                                                                         

To contact Horizon regarding a client rights or privacy concern, please call Horizon's Human Rights and Privacy Officer at 1-434-455-3422.