Human Rights Questions

Horizon is committed to providing services that assist individuals in reaching their greatest potential. We work to ensure that our client’s privacy, human rights, and overall satisfaction with services is maintained at all times. The Client Privacy and Rights Officer provides a centralized point of contact for clients, family members, authorized representatives, guardians, employees, stakeholders, and the general public to make complaints regarding Human Rights violations and incidents of abuse and/or neglect.

All questions and/or concerns regarding client rights and privacy can be directed to 434-455-3422. 

Why contact the Client Privacy and Rights Officer?

  • You may have a concern, complaint, suggestion, compliment or idea regarding services at HBH
  • You need to report actual or suspected abuse of a person receiving services at HBH

  • You are interested in learning more about Human Rights and HBH participation with the Local Human Rights Committee
  • You are interested in responding to our Consumer Satisfaction Survey and proving valuable feedback about the quality of services we provide

The Client Privacy and Rights Officer will assist in communicating your:

  • Questions, concerns, suggestions, about our services
  • Complaints of human rights violations
  • Consumer advocacy issues

Local Human Rights Committee


Cassie Purtlebaugh

Phone: 804-382-3889

The Central Virginia Human Rights Committee (LHRC) is a group of seven members who are broadly representative of various community, professional and consumer groups with an interest in Mental Health, Intellectual Disability or Substance Use issues. Consumers and family members are an integral part of the committee’s composition and it is the goal of each committee to maintain objectivity through balanced diversity. Appointed by the State Human Rights Committee for terms of from one to three years, the members are unpaid volunteers who perform certain oversight functions regarding facility and community programs and practices. The committee also hears complaints that cannot be resolved at the program level.

Central Virginia LHRC plays a vital role in the Department’s human rights program, serving as an external component of the human rights system. Central Virginia LHRC reviews consumer complaints not resolved at the program level; reviews and makes recommendations concerning variances to the regulations; reviews program policies, procedures and practices and makes recommendations for change; conducts investigations; and reviews restrictive programming.

Central Virginia LHRC normally meets six times per year at various sites in the Lynchburg area. Please see the LHRC meeting schedule. The Central Virginia LHRC is always interested in hearing from individuals who have an interest in serving as members. A personal interview is required of all applicants for committee membership, and the State Human Rights Committee makes final decisions regarding appointments.



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2015 Meetings and Minutes

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