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Housing Services

Health Horizon Homes are built to cater to the needs of our clients.  Horizon Homes provide personalized care and are staffed with caring experts in home-health, rehabilitation and special needs services.  

Horizon’s group homes give adults with the primary diagnosis of intellectual disability the freedom to be themselves while providing them with round-the-clock care. We want our clients to live their lives to the fullest so we encourage personal growth and independence by offering the least restrictive setting possible. Adults that have a dual diagnosis of mental illness and intellectual disability can also be served in our programs.

Horizon’s support coordinators work with each of our residents to create an individualized plan that lays out the person’s needs and choices. For example, every client gets to decorate their room in their own unique style, but the room is also designed to accommodate their physical needs. Our staff encourages each resident to become a part of the community by providing him with a choice of daily activities outside the home. The care your loved one receives in one of our group homes promotes their health, self-worth, and family/ community involvement.

Criteria for Admission: The client must be over 18 and have a primary diagnosis of intellectual disability. All prospective residents shall have obtained a Medicaid waiver allocation for residential services and will be assessed to determine if they can live safely in a less restrictive setting.