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Our Leadership

Executive Team

Damien Cabezas
Damien Cabezas
Chief Executive Officer
Andre McDaniel
Andre McDaniel
Chief Financial Officer
No Picture Available
Sandy Bryant
Chief Clinical Officer
Theresa McCaskill
Theresa McCaskill
Director of Talent Management
Leigh Farmer
Manager of Communications and PR
Sandy Farmer
Mrs. Sandy Farmer
Executive Assistant to the CEO
Jaime B.
Dr. Jaime Bamford
Chief Medical Officer
Tecca Wright
Tecca Wright
Director of Communications and Grants Management

The Board of Directors

Horizon's 15 member board is made up of representatives from each of the five localities in which we provide service.  The board meets once a month, ten months out of the year. Their meetings take place the fourth Wednesday of every month at the Fagan Building, 2241 Langhorne Road, Lynchburg, Virginia 24503 unless otherwise indicated.

*Please Note:  Effective January 2016, the board will begin meeting at 3:30 p.m. They will meet on the fourth Thursday, seven months out of the year (February, April, June, July, September, October and December).   

Jim S.
Mr. S. James Sikkema
(Bedford Co.)
Clyde C.
Mr. Clyde Clark, Sr.
(City of Lynchburg)
Rob Merryman
Rob Merryman
(Campbell Co.)
James B.
Dr. James Borland
(Campbell Co.)
Betty B.
Ms. Betty Brickhouse
No Picture Available
Ms. Terrie Conrad
Andy C.
Mr. Andy Crawford
Dana K.
Ms. Dana Koenig
Abe Loper
Mr. Abe Loper
Gary M.
Mr. Gary Marple
William S.
Dr. William Scott
Mary Lou
Ms. Mary Lou Spiggle
Treney Tweedy
Ms. Treney Tweedy
Major Betty W.
Major Betty Wise
John Rice
John Rice