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Health Information Management/ Medical Records

The employees of the Health Information Management Department at Horizon Behavioral Health are committed to the confidentiality and quality of protected health information.  HIM is responsible for maintaining and releasing the legal medical records for all Horizon facilities across the organization.


Horizon’s HIM Department is responsible for providing clients, legal guardians and other authorized  individuals with copies of client medical records.  To receive a copy of a medical record, you will need to complete an authorization from the patient or legal guardian as required by law.  For individuals who are not the client,  and requesting a copy of a medical record, please follow the required guidelines below:

1)       If the client is currently unable to sign due to physical or mental disability, the authorization form should be signed by the next of kin, or legally appointed guardian (you will need to produce a copy of guardianship) and you will need to indicate the clients’ disability.

2)      If the client is a minor (under 18 years of age), the authorization must be signed by one of the parents or legally appointed guardian (you will need to produce a copy of guardianship papers, or custody papers if applicable).

3)      If the client has expired, the authorization must be signed by the personal representative for the estate or legal next of kin.  The representative will have to present:

        a)  Proof of death

       b)  Proof of appointment as the personal representative of the estate

4)     If the client is under the age of 18 but is receiving substance abuse treatment, the request will need to be signed by the client.  

Click here to obtain a copy of the Horizon Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information form.

Click here to obtain a copy of the Horizon  Access to Records form.

All requests for Health Information/Medical Records, including subpoenas should be submitted to:

Horizon Behavioral Health

Health Information Management Department

620 Court Street

Lynchburg, VA   24504

Phone: 434-485-8899

Fax:      434-485-8888


Once your request is received in our Health Information Department, it can take up to 15 days to process.  If you request records to be released to yourself, or others, there will be a fee for photocopying.