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Internships and Practicums

Opportunities for students enrolled in *applicable 60 credit hour Master's Degree


Populations served include: All ages. Mental Health, Substance Use, Developmental Disability; Co-occurring / Dual Diagnosis.


  • Admissions
  • Case Management
  • Emergency Services
  • Outpatient Services
  • Therepeutic Day Treatment
  • Finance
  • Comunications
  • Prevention (Public Helath)
  • Administration


Spring 2019 - taking applications:


November 15 to December 30


Sumbit; (Resume/CV) + (Cover Letter)


Click and Complete Application.






A message from recreuitment:

Want some other internships? Administrative professionals; graphic design and IT; Communications and Public Relations; Public Helath, Health Promotion - contact me about your internship needs.


If you are interested in a career in non-profit after college - technically we qualify as a public service student loan forgiveness employer! For example, we are a Community Service Board (CSB), one of the many all over Virginia and we all collaborate which is fun.


Reguardless of what we are, best part is that I've found the people here are driven by somthing more. At Horizon you will find sense of community and among others who are happy to help, and valuable experience in preparation for a career in promoting the well-being of all people.



Internship Program Coordinator, Recruiter