If you or someone you love is in need of Horizon’s Region 1 psychiatric services during business hours, please call 434-455-1780. 

If you or someone you love is experiencing an after-hours emergency, please call 434-522-8191. You can also dial 911.  


Region 1 Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric services provided to Horizon Behavioral Health and other CSB’s throughout Region 1 catchment area. These services are specifically provided for children and youth being discharged from psychiatric hospital or residential treatment facilities, those who live in rural areas with scarce resources, as well as those receiving crisis management. Region 1 psychiatric services assist children, youth, and families who need quick follow up psychiatric care. Region 1 works with client’s treatment team towards transitioning them to long term psychiatric care outside of Region 1.


REACH services are provided to children and youth, 17 and under, with developmental disabilities. The REACH program provides crisis intervention or stabilization services in the home, school, or community settings. Crisis services are provided with the goal of de-escalating and stabilizing the client and family who are experiencing a crisis. The REACH program also provides prevention services in the home settings, in which the family receives psychoeducation, therapeutic intervention training, therapeutic support, and linking to additional resources. This team is comprised of crisis clinicians who live throughout the Region 1 catchment area. The REACH program has a 24/7 crisis line that is available to clients and families. The 24/7 team is currently providing mostly tele-health responses due to COVID; however, they are available to respond in person to a family’s home.  Per DBHDS, the REACH team has a 2 hour response expectation.

Crisis Line (888) 908-0486

If your child or youth, 17 and under, who is diagnosed with a developmental disorder needs support during a crisis or ongoing support services, please call our REACH Crisis Line at 888-908-0486. This line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.


Mobile Crisis

The Mobile Crisis team provides in-person, telephonic, or tele-health responses to children and youth, up to 18, who are experiencing an active crisis.  This program is operational Monday-Friday, 12pm-7:30pm. This program has a crisis line which can be utilized by children, youth, families, school systems, DSS, law enforcement, and so on. The goal of this program is to de-escalate crisis situations, provide immediate therapeutic support, and assist in decreasing the numbers of children and youth receiving psychiatric inpatient care. The mobile crisis team will not only provide an immediate response to the client or family in need, but will also assist in linking them to additional resources in their community if requested. This team is comprised of mobile crisis clinicians who live throughout the Region 1 catchment area. Per DBHDS, the mobile crisis team has a 1 hour response expectation.

Crisis Line (800) 970-5897

If your child or youth, up to 18 years of age, is experiencing a crisis, please call our Mobile Crisis Line at 800-970-5897. Our operational hours are Monday-Friday, 12pm-7:30pm.  Our team provides mobile responses to assist towards de-escalation and stabilization of the crisis episode.  If your child or youth is experiencing a crisis outside of our program’s operational hours, please call your local CSB Emergency Services Department, your local hospital ED, or 911.