​About the Horizon Home at Amherst

The Horizon Wellness Center at Amherst is home to a variety of services and programs designed to support the mental health and wellbeing of our clients. Individuals who seek behavioral healthcare services in Amherst can receive nursing assessments, outpatient therapy, case management, and medication management directly out of the Wellness Center at Amherst. Providers at this location can offer medication management to both children and adults to help promote the safe and effective use of medications. This service is recognized as an important part of the recovery process when used in an effective way as part of the overall treatment for mental illness or substance use disorders. We also provide medication management services to individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Our team of on-site financial interview specialists can provide one-on-one assistance to clients by verifying insurance coverage including Medicaid; and assisting customers with billing inquiries by conducting a financial interview to ensure accurate billing based on available resources using a sliding scale.

Horizon is grateful to continue a strong partnership with Sweet Briar College to provide therapeutic case management services to all students right on campus five days a week in Amherst County. Our team is highly skilled in evidence-based therapeutic treatment options that range from Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Attachment-Based Family Therapy.

Our interdisciplinary team can also set appointments and financial interviews with students via telehealth through the Horizon Wellness Center at Amherst.

Service Members, Veterans, and Families Program

Horizon Behavioral Health is committed to supporting service members, Veterans, and their families with a program specifically designed to meet your unique needs. The Horizon Wellness Center at Amherst can provide Veterans and their families with an evidence-based assessment to guide individuals and families to make informed choices about their care. Participants of the Service Members, Veterans, and Families Program will receive services from a specialized provider who has experience and expertise in working with service members, Veterans, and their families. Clinical services offered include the provision of evidence-based treatment as well as connection to appropriate resources, and advocacy on behalf of the client to ensure existing mental health needs are met. To be eligible to participate in this voluntary program, a designation of military status must be provided.

Services Available At This Location

New clients looking to begin services at the Amherst Wellness Center can call the Horizon Admissions Department at (434)-477-5000 to schedule a first-time appointment. To learn more about specific services provided at this location, please follow the links below.

Horizon Wellness Center at Landover

2235 Landover Place
Lynchburg, Virginia 24501

Phone: (434) 847-8000
Fax: (434) 847-6094
Phone (Child Services): (434) 455-3500
Fax (Child Services): (434) 455-3516

Horizon Wellness Center at Langhorne

2215 Langhorne Rd.
Lynchburg, Virginia 24501

Phone: (434) 948-4831
Fax: (434) 845-5805