Questions related to Invitation For Bids (IFB) should be directed to the buyer named in the IFB as Horizon’s official contact.

Note: Addenda may be posted up until the closing date of the closing date of the IFB. The IFB and addenda 
documents referenced on this page may contain links to other documents. These additional documents are alse part of the IFB. It is the firm’s responsibility to review the entire RFP prior to the firm’s submittal of a proposal.


Intermediate Care Facility
IFB#: 1812
Addendum 1
Addendum 2
Addendum 3
Attachment A
Closing Date: October 16, 2018 by 2 p.m.
Awarded to: TBS Construction

Boiler Replacement
IFB#: 3366
Closing Date:  August 23, 2013
Awarded To:  Southern Air

Intermediate Care Facilities
IFB #: 720-17733-53-02
Closing Date: June 21, 2013
Weights: Bid Tabulation
Awarded To: Custom Structures
Bid Specs
Bid Sets
REV1 - Structural
REV1 - EP101
Estimated Actual Damages Supplemental GC's

Denver Avenue Renovation
IFB#: 2971
Closing Date:  May 17, 2013
Weights:  None
Awarded To:  Windows & Home Renovations Direct

Landscaping/ Grounds Maintenance Services - Multiple Locations
IFB #: 700
Closing Date: March 1, 2013 by 3 p.m.
Awarded To: Cal-Tek Bldg & Grounds Maintenance 
Addendum I
Addendum II

Intermediate Care Facilities
IFB #: 720-17733-53-01
Closing Date: June 3, 2011
Weights:  Bid Tabulation
Awarded To: CS Custom Structures, Inc.
Bid Specs
Bid Sets
#05 31 2011 Addendum #1

Courtland Floor Renovation
IFB #: JG100110
Closing Date: April 22, 2011 by 3 p.m.
Weights: None
Awarded To: LRG Construction
Drawing for IFB #JG100110